America's Way Back

How the Constitution and Its Principles Can Bring America Back From the Brink of Socialism
Only by upholding the entire Constitution and its principles, and fighting for the political and property rights of others, can Americans protect their freedom - or deserve it.

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Welcome to our website.  This website is based on a book about history, moral philosophy, and political principle and methodology entitled America's Way Back.  As Americans, we have all but lost our Constitution and the limited system of national government that it provided.  Everyday we see the power of the national government grow at the expense of our liberty and the liberty of our neighbors. The Congress exercises powers not granted to it by the Constitution and violates clear prohibitions found in the Bill of Rights. The Supreme Court strips away our political rights, and its members act as dictators appointed for life. The President uses his position to act as a supreme legislator, forcing through unconstitutional and unpopular legislation.  America's two major political parties have succeeded in using their control of the three branches of the Federal Government to circumvent the Constitution's system of checks and balances. These actions by Democrats, and to a lesser extent by Republicans, are forcing our nation further into debt and further down the path to socialism. 

The problems we face are becoming increasingly obvious, and many Americans want to do something to solve them.  Everyday the Tea Party grows in strength as Americans seek ways to restrain a Federal Government that threatens their property and political rights.  Unfortunately, America's established political parties are too well organized, too entrenched, too well-funded, and too ruthless to be defeated by relying on politics alone.  To defeat them, we must return to the principles that founded our nation and use them to reestablish our Constitution.

Re-establishing the Constitution is a daunting task, but it can be done.  The predatory principles embraced by America's political parties will eventually destroy their coalitions just as they are destroying our nation.  Before American society utterly collapses under the weight of its expanding government, there will be an opportunity to turn back and reestablish the Constitution as the factions within the parties destabilize and turn on each other.  

If patriotic Americans are to take advantage of this coming opportunity and reestablish the Constitution, they must know and understand how the Constitution protected freedom by limiting the power of the Federal Government, how the Federal Government is violating the Constitution’s key limiting provisions, how these constitutional violations threaten freedom and prosperity, and, ultimately, how the principles and methodologies of the Founding Fathers can be used to reestablish the Constitution.